Queer label from Palestine Trashy Clothing unveiled their Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled “Bourgeoisie, Mufflers, and Oil”. For Spring they dive into the themes of imperialism and corruption while exploring the status quo of the bourgeoisie.

Taking inspiration from the satirical works of Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al Ali, the collection scrutinizes themes of greed, resistance, and betrayal. Notable pieces include the Maryoma Hood dress, Barrel skirt, and Shabak top, each contributing to the deconstruction of the capitalist facade surrounding the imperial American dream.

The shapes and patterns of the SS24 pieces are influenced by oil rigs and barrels, which function as emblems for the money that an imperial empire would have earned from murder. The collection also includes commercials, which are meant to be both profitable and distracting—business as usual.

Check out the collection below:

Lookbook photos by Omar Sha3