Shirt and Trousers by Xander Zhou

Coat by Michiko Koshino, Jeans by Alex Mullins, Socks by HUF, Trainers by Nike

Carvell wears Jacket by Michiko Koshino
Ted wears Jumper by Julian Zigerli

Shirt by Katie Eary, Coat by Qasimi, Sunglasses by Linda Farrow x Yazbukey

Shirt by Katie Eary, Coat by Qasimi

Hat by Liam Hodges, Shirt by Xander Zhou, Trousers by Berthold, Shoes by GH Bass

Ted wears Furry Coat and Trousers by Alexander Hammarström
Lewis wears Trousers by Angel Chen, Top by Topman and Trainers by Nike

Shirt and Sleeveless Jumper by Xander Zhou

Hoodie by Angel Chen

Carvell at Models1, Ted Nowell at Wilhemina and Lewis Murphy at PRM photographed by Michiyo Yanagihara and styled by Claudia Rose Walder, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online.

Set Design: Meg Nixon
Hair: Waka Adachi
Make-up: Holly Reza Westwood