Tommy Hilfiger has taken a liking to collaborating with other fashion designers and making joint collections. After signing British designer Richard Quinn and surprising the public and the brand’s devotees, it is now the turn of Colm Dillane, founder of Kidsuper.

The collaboration in which both parties are already immersed aims to see the light of day in winter 2024. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go, but as far as we have been able to learn, this project will have a lot to do with the American company´s archives, some of which have already been reviewed, and will (in principle) be focused on men.

Dillane and Hilfiger seem to have hit it off perfectly, since, according to the young man, Mr. Hilfiger surprised him by how pleasant and approachable he was.

How will Tommy Hilfiger and Kidsuper surprise us? In 17 months we will know.