TOMBOGO and ESENES Worldwide have teamed up to create the Versadial Derby Shoe. First seen at TOMBOGO’s SS24 show in Paris, this shoe is the first joint effort between the two brands.

Crafted with quality brushed leather and featuring a comfortable leather lining and insoles, the Versadial Derby Shoe is built for both looks and endurance. The outdoor lug soles and stacked EVA cushioning make it suitable for various terrains, while the innovative dial-tech lacing system ensures a secure fit with just a twist.

Behind the shoe are designers Tommy Bogo from TOMBOGO and Justin Son from ESENES, long-time friends from the Bay Area. They’ve brought their passion for functional, well-designed clothing and footwear from Oakland to New York City. The Versadial Derby is their way of combining the class of dress shoes with the toughness of outdoor boots, featuring some of the latest in shoe technology.

Check it out below: