For his new Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection, Tom Van der Borght takes a next step in his fast developping fashion career. A vision of apocalyptic gaucho-farmers celebrates yet again an eclectic mix of influences from the four corners of the wind. Inspired by Renaissance-engravings from Albrecht Durer and psychedelic dripping paintings of his own partner, Johannes Obers, the designer creates a new exciting series of handdrawn digital prints, depicting an apocalyptic tree of life and herds of ponies on the run.

Returning to his own childhood, where he imagined to be a horse and ran around for days pony-style, the collection is an ode to those noble creatures. They form a symbol for the end of times as we know them, for a free run into a bright and enlightened future. Van der Borght is back in full force, showing a series of pleated garments, colourfull jacquard knits, rough rope knits, edgy streetwear basics and a series of mindblowing accesories using cablebands as a lead theme. Regular borders between men and women fade away easily, and the collections puts ‘the human’ back in the first place. Art is wearable from now on!