Andalusian creative Tíscar Espadas presented her capsule collection “Capitulo II / first act” with a virtual show during the last edition of London Fashion Week.

This sample is a small collection born in a few months, where the traditional creation system of a collection was shaken and forced to look for new solutions. Collaboration and sustainability have formed the foundations of this project. The collection CHAPTER II, built-in part in the unstable times of the pandemic, offers a poetic and fantastic imaginary, a sensory and evocative narrative that comforts us, transforms us or makes us freer and more creative.

Photography: Iker Gozategui
Set: Pablo Saiz
Stylist: Samuel Puyol
Grooming: Miquel Cristobal
Model: Saba Aptsiauri
Video by Loïc Grobéty-Vega
Models: Manuel Rodriguez and Val de Marne
Dop: Biel Capellas & Ruben Yanes
Music: Sandra Monfort
Production: Iker Gozategui & Vivian Rotie