One of the designers of the moment – considered as such by those who revere pop culture – Pharrell Williams, has become the latest to join the exclusive list of collaborators of the iconic American jeweller Tiffany & Co., as the two have been secretly working for some time on a jewellery collection that has now been unveiled.

Rumours of a possible alliance between both parties began to be heard from the moment of his successful debut as creative director of the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, as the designer was seen wearing customised glasses from the firm in question and commented: “You know Tiffany and I are engaged. It’s the first of many things I’m going to do with Tiffany.”

From those words onwards, all Williams adepts started to go crazy and speculate about when would arrive the collab called “Tiffany Titan”, inspired by water, and made up of 19 pieces that cover all the main fields of the jewellery world, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Many of the items in the launch are notable for their pointed edges, a reference to the trident of the Greek sea god Poseidon and king of Atlantis, the name of the community where Williams grew up in Virginia Beach; and for their black titanium detailing, a physical manifestation of beauty in blackness, according to Pharrell in the press release sent out.

Needless to say, this exclusive collaboration is not for everyone, due to prices ranging from $3,400 to $55,000. The 55k corresponds to one of the most outstanding pieces in the line, which is a lance-shaped necklace with an 18-carat yellow neck and diamond pavé. For the rest, you’d better take a look at the Tiffany & Co. website, because the collection is already available for purchase.