THE (REAL) GARCIA unveiled its new collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion. The collection conveys a new attitude to the classic menswear, more relaxed – without sacrificing comfort, aesthetics, or excellence. The brand fuses design, technology and respect for the environment in total harmony with its values: timelessness, functionality, durability, sustainability and circularity.

We had a little chat with the designer and here’s what he told us:

Tell us a little about the new collection that you present at 080 Barcelona fashion?

Our collection is the synthesis of very intense work in the development of materials, fabrics, and patterns, elements that are hardly perceptible in a parade, beyond the chromatic and sobriety of the lines that are evident. Our proposal is valued when one tries on our pieces and discovers our touches as well as the comfort and functionality of our garments.

Is it possible to have a more relaxed attitude without giving up comfort? How do we see this in the new collection?

“Form follows function” is our motto. We learned this from Louis Sullivan, the American architect forerunner of modernism.

How is sustainability present in your creative process?

I understand that it is a relevant factor for traditional brands. For brands born-digital – as is our case – sustainability is part of our DNA.

You have said that your proposal “is not intended to create a trend or become a fashion brand. Ours is a proposal linked to the lifestyle”. Do you think that the hype and the desire to become viral have corrupted fashion?

We are not interested in “fashion” as long as it is in the hands of interests very distant from ours. Ours is a pure product. We are in another league.

How was the experience of recording the presentation video of the new collection in such an emblematic place as MACBA?

Barcelona is a world reference in architecture and MACBA is a space that is very much in keeping with our aesthetic concept. Its architect, Richard Meier, as an exponent of rationalism, is a benchmark for our aesthetics, which like him, gives more importance to light than to color.

Taker a look at the collection below: