Dive into the creative chaos with SSSTUFFF’s latest collection, “The Mess Before I Wake Up.” It’s a journey through disorder, seeking the serene shores of order and clarity.

Aimed at the bold thinkers and creators, this genderless collection draws inspiration from the spontaneous essence of contemporary art, the swift advancements in technology, and the intriguing interplay between the natural and the synthetic. “The Mess Before I Wake Up” is a celebration of SSSTUFFF’s commitment to interactive fashion, transforming each piece into a part of a playful, engaging narrative.

Each garment in the collection has a unique story and an element of interactivity, making them more than just clothes—they’re experiences. Highlights include the “Ads Zip-up Hoodie,” which brings the transient beauty of street ads to life, and the “Xtufff Hoodie,” with a color-changing graphic that humorously references a well-known rocket company’s lackluster merch. The “Animals Are Friends” hoodie is a touching homage to our beloved pets, a reminder of the joy they bring.

Check out the campaign images below:


“The Mess Before I Wake Up” can be found at the SSSTUFFF Flagship Store in Barcelona and online at ssstufff.com.