Lanvin is at it again with Lanvin Lab, their innovative project that blends fashion with art. This year, they’ve teamed up with artist Erwin Wurm for a creative collaboration that’s all about expressing individuality.

The first Lanvin Lab was all about music and fashion coming together. Now, for their second act, they’ve got something big: a sculpture by Erwin Wurm that’s going on tour in China. The piece, named “Desire,” is about our quest to find things that show off who we are, like a stylish handbag or a cool pair of sneakers.

Wurm’s sculpture is inspired by two of Lanvin’s popular items—the Pencil Cat Bag and the Cash sneaker. It’s a big deal, not just because it’s art, but because it represents a conversation between different cultures and times.

The artist is into the idea of layers—how just the outer layer of something can change how we see it. He compares this to how we use clothes to shape our image. His sculpture, which will be revealed in Beijing in signature Lanvin blue, is all about this concept.

Over five months, the sculpture will visit six cities, landing near Lanvin stores and even showing up at the Fosun Foundation in Shanghai for Wurm’s solo exhibition.