Amouage, Oman’s international Haute perfumery house, renowned for creating some of the world’s most elaborate perfumes, organized master classes in Barcelona followed by an Amouage-inspired culinary experience attended by key Spanish partners and media. The masterclass was given by Renaud Salmon, Creative Director and Chief Experience Officer of Amouage accompanied by perfumer Lucas Siuezac from Eurofragance, creator of Reflection Man, Reflection 45 Man and Jubilation 25 Woman, and aimed to introduce the attendees to history de la Maison, its new era and some of its iconic creations.

A unique fusion of East and West that defines avant-garde opulence, Amouage continues to push the boundaries of perfumery with the recent launch of Exceptional Extraits and Attars. An esthete’s dream born of a visionary mindset that defies contemporary practices, Exceptional Extraits are honed to the highest industry standards and aged for three to six months. The collection includes Honor 43 Woman, Epic 56 Woman, Reflection 45 Man and Interlude 53 Man, each revealing facets and hidden depths that unfold in each dimension, making them richer, more powerful and endowed with greater longevity.


Renaud Salmon

Amouage has always prided itself on celebrating Oman’s finest natural treasures and reflecting its wonderful heritage through the lens of innovation. As we approach the House’s 40th anniversary, we are honored to see our creations travel the world and to be able to take this millennial foundation and reimagine it in a way that resonates so deeply with a modern global audience.” Said Renaud Salmon, Creative Director and Chief Experience Officer at Amouage.

Lucas Sieuzac

An icon in the world of perfumery, Amouage has built a coveted legacy with a repertoire of more than 60 unrivaled perfumes, including Eau de Parfums, Exceptional Extraits and Attars, testifying to a unique vision and pursuit of quality. For more information, visit