Joshua Tree has long attracted mystics, artists, writers, musicians, and those chasing beauty, healing and inner truth. As TEDDY VONRANSON prospers, Teddy cloistered in Joshua Tree desert – to center himself and contemplate. Here there are no words; structures of the past start to lose their grip on you; you discover your own voice.

Building on his affinity with desert-themed collections – shown during his previous tenures – it was important to Teddy to take on a fresh and less conventional outlook for his own brand.

To explore the California desert and Joshua Tree is to be transported to another realm and the inspiration found in the desert tones and landscape was abundant…much of my time and exploration happened in the early hours which gave me a different perspective on desert colors and hues as the early morning light cast a “coolness” in undertone to the traditional desert palette. When one looks beyond the pale landscape on rock formations, crushed gravel and sand, one begins to see the pale tones of dried grasses, desert floral and mosses canopied by rich blue skies that hug the mountainscape in deep teals fading into clear and bright blues as they touch the sun.