Pokemon Go and Grindr: when lifestyles become fashion (sort of).

I don’t know how much longer you’re going to place Pokemons here and there and get people to rescue them even under someone’s armpits but, I know that I can’t control my killer instinct if stylists will impose another Pokemon-themed editorial on me! The situation got a little out of hand if you consider that the augmented reality play is also made into porn parodies. Do you know what does it mean when whatever gets x-rated? It becomes a lifestyle! I can excuse you for watching Ash and the gang circle-jerking to relieve blue balls after a day of hunting but not for being dressed like jerks. When Grindr ‘came out’ as a designer I have almost decided to give up on my fashion career to audition for The Voice and become a singer! The problem with the Grindr men’s ‘collection’ is that probably, for a time, we wanted to see something that we expect from a gay hook-up network. I don’t know what your expectations were but, I guess a collection of t’s with an ‘Anal sex is the new ‘Let’s have a snuggle!’ on them would have been more interesting than the banal output we have witnessed when the line debuted. I wonder if the designer suffers from Pollyanna Syndrome to produce that optimistic collection out of a network where the most romantic thing is a very well assorted number of close-ups of what’s into a man’s briefs! It was a really bad idea Grindr! Remain a good place for ‘bird-watching’ and sin-seeking, fashion is another matter.

Here’s my clarion call: Please do not reduce fashion to any kind of idiotic lifestyle.


Latest from the runways


Mr. I’ve got it big

This is not a trend for increasing your self-esteem or, contrary, your self-compassion but, If you’ve got something really big, take it out! We’re up for taking a peek at it! Well, if you have taken me literally, do me a favor, put your briefs back on, funny guys! On the runways proportions were astonishing. There is who wants them to be big, who prefers them long and who thick but easy-fitting. Clothes, of course. Now it’s your turn to have a look!


Damir Doma FW16




Raf Simons FW16




G.I. Joes

If you were one of those little kids who spent childhood playing with action figures and dreaming to be one of them some day- this only applies to the pre-Playstation boys – , you’ve probably become a military style devotee. In real life to be clad in G.I. Joe cargo pants and t-shirt means that a) you’re going to hold a rifle to play pinball with your friends b) you’ve just had a date with a gal you like much and she told you she likes uniforms c) you don’t have a clue what fashion is today. I lean toward C but, you can take inspiration and prove me wrong!


Alexander Wang FW16


Christopher Shannon FW16


Diesel Balck Gold FW16



Budding Playboys

Generations ago, girls were so delusional and emotionally compromised that an angel-faced boy was all their hearts wished for. That boy, whose heterosexuality is taken for granted even if he wears spandex, goes by the name of Prince Charming. During the years there has been true disappointment due to the scarce availability of fairytale kinds. Replaced by naïve playboys, for the Prince Charming there’ll not be any ‘happily ever after’, except on paper or glossy film adaptations in perfect Hollywood style!


Marni FW16




Paul Smith FW16



Gent Bandits

It’s ok if you want to look like an extra from a Spaghetti Western movie with hat, vest and spurs but, please, do not cover your face with a bandana to go around downtown. Bear in mind that you’re not Robert Redford or Paul Newman so be careful to dress up as Old West Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or you might find your face on a wanted poster with a price on your head. Dead or alive!

Be advised that if you’re too young the effect Toy Story’s Woody is all that you’ll get!


Antonio Marras FW16


Dolce & Gabbana FW16


Greg Lauren FW16



‘70s Resurrection

There isn’t any better excuse for a style misstep than the 1970s. If you think you’ll never have the chance to wear some ‘70s mementos- unless you’re a Coachella regular that sounds very Woodstock these days- you’re wrong! Designers jog your memory about those years when the courage to wear radical clothes was more commendable than the clothes themselves.


Acne Studios FW16


Burberry FW16


Gucci FW16