In composing his latest collection, Takuya Morikawa, a longtime enthusiast of the Surrealist movement, delved into the intersection of reality and unreality, and with it, the ambiguity of where that intersection lies. Struck also by the quiet, meditative nature of Saul Leiter’s photography and the abstracted nostalgia it brings, in other words – a distant dream, this season the designer sought to bring dreams and reality and their inevitable contradictions to the forefront of his collection.

In a short film produced by Nagisa Kodama for TAAKK this season, dreams take on a more concrete meaning but still lie at the border of endless possibilities. Dreams that have yet to take shape, but nonetheless give a yearning and guidance to anyone aspiring towards a goal. It is capturing that essence, that surreal moment before reality emerges that Morikawa tries to grasp. In his own words, Morikawa too, is ‘always dreaming’. Dreams never stop, they only shift and refine their form.