SYSTEM presented their Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection ‘Portrait of Uncertainty’ at La Gaîté Lyrique during 2024 Paris Fashion Week. This season marks the second collaboration with the world-renowned British photographer David Sims where the campaign photos were revealed leading up to the show. The Korean house is known for its minimalist dressing with an element of streetwear spanning three decades.

This season we see a fresh take on traditional clothing, with the belief that regardless of gender, everyone should be confident and empowered in their clothing choices, regardless of societal expectations. Drawing inspiration from the life and work of the British artist Gluck (Hannah Gluckstein), particularly her portrait “PETER” (A Young English Girl), 1923 by Romaine Brooks. The portrait conveys a feeling of simplicity and masculinity, yet it also has a delicately rendered hint of femininity and emotional depth. Gluck defied traditional gender roles and conventions by embracing a gender-neutral identity and pushing the boundaries of fashion with her short hair and fitted outfits.

The brand loves the juxtaposition of hardness and softness, roughness and finesse, the commonplace and the extraordinary, and these tensions between exterior visuals and inside emotions are at the heart of the collection. SYSTEM subverts and twists traditional features to turn everyday objects into chic and edgy pieces by utilizing inventive tailoring techniques and distinctive design aspects. The brand aims to emphasize the underlying qualities of both masculinity and femininity in neutral goods by experimenting with geometric accents and structural forms.

Check out the collection below: