Highlighting a variety of pieces from SVD’s new Fall/Winter collections, the Spanish retailer’s latest FW19 campaign marks the end of summer and return to the office. With a focus on everyday work rituals, the campaign seeks to challenge viewers to escape the daily monotony of work.

Back to Work: Office Rituals’ is a two-part narrative featuring an eccentric editorial by Madrid- based stylist, Alicia Padrón, and a series of wittily animated videos by Montreal-based digital artist, James Kerr, known creatively as Scorpion Dagger. All collections as seen in the campaign are available to shop online now HERE!

Take a look below:


Creative & Styling & Editorial Production: Alicia Padrón 
Photography: Chus Antón
Video: Grégory Clavijo
Hair & Make-Up: Afri Von Mechnik
Talents: Thor, Patricia Reina, Andrés
Illustration & Animation: James Kerr / Scorpion Dagger 
Animation Audio: Ryan Battistuzzi