PDF. Fucking Young! GAMES issue

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This issue initiates on the cover where the player finds Spanish actor Alvaro Mel in Dior Men captured by Isaac Calpe. Once the reader discovers Mel, the quest continues discovering artists Danielle Brathwaite and Ernesto Artillo. Your journey has begun and you will stumble set in the original fantasy world of Fucking Young! Issue #23 Games will see designer discussions with Dsquared2’ Dean and Dan Caten, Louis Gabriel Nouchi, Jordan Luca, and Romain Kremer create our game frame each with a different adventure.

“Games, at their core, are more than mere amusement; they’re mirrors of our essence, metaphors for existence itself. When we are children, we learn to play, compete, and collaborate in the world of games. We grow up understanding that life is a game in itself, and every challenge we face is a game we want to win. Games teach us fundamental skills: strategy, patience, adaptation, and, sometimes, the importance of knowing how to lose.” Adriano Batista, FY Editor-in-Chief

Photographers featured include Alan Marty, Andy Dyo, Celeste Galanda, Cris Cerdeira, Isaac Calpe, Mark Yareham, Matthieu Delbreuve, Michiel Meewis, Pierre Tostain, and Sunny Suits.

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