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We have created this number as if it were a cookbook. Recipes that we hope you can make happy from around the world. From Indonesian Home Fried Chicken with Sambal by Rapper Rich Brian, fronting the cover shot by Hengyi Liang, to Pierre Serrao’s, Co-founder and Chief at Ghetto Gastro, plant-based Seared Avocado and Salad to keep us on pace.

“Food is sex. Food is injustice. Food is insecurity. Food is security. Food is dialogue, it is even a confrontation of ideas. Food is memory” explains Adriano Batista in his Editor’s Note.

This issue encompasses an extensive range of subjects from veganism to the time Paris ate its Zoo. Ghetto Gastro, Etienne Russo, along with designers Emily Bode, Masahiro Ino of Doublet, Mats Rombaut, and Priya Ahluwalia all join in on the conversation and share some of their favorite recipes!

Many thanks to our featured photographers this issue: Arne Grugel, Boris Camaca, Boris Ovini, Dennis Tejero, Hengyi Liang, Jan Hoek, Kapturing, Lelanie Foster, Louise Reinke, Marc Medina, Marcus Cooper, Michiel Meewis, Tom Kneller, Sierra Nallo, Simone Steenberg, Stephen Lyne, and Yumiko Utsu.

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