In a unique collaboration, Lagos-born, London-based artist SOLDIER and streetwear giant Awake NY have teamed up to create a capsule collection inspired by SOLDIER’s 2022 artworks, titled “ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN”. The collection features tees, jerseys, and hoodies that showcase SOLDIER’s distinctive style and vision, as well as Awake NY’s signature logo and aesthetic.

The capsule collection incorporates SOLDIER’s ‘dog print’ into the camouflage pattern of the jersey, and also features it on the back of the tees, along with the SOLDIER STUDIOS ‘eagle logo’ and the Awake NY branding. The collection is a tribute to the bond between man and dog, and how they can inspire and support each other in different situations and environments. It is also a question to the audience: What is a dog to you?

Check it out below: