Fashion editors are always into the zeitgeist, as they travel the world, see and listen to what is happening, attend runway shows and produce editorial work that is inspiring, redefines ideas, and pushes ideas and boundaries to go beyond and into the future. When thinking about trends for the season, it makes the most sense to ask them about what is going on, what is on fire, and what they like the most. SIDESTEP met up with Timi Letonja from Numero Netherlands, Marie Guerin from Elle Belgique, Enlil Isik from Title and Mónica Zafra from Metal Magazine. Four renowned editors working for leading fashion magazines across Europe, to discover which trends they are vibing with more this season and what sneakers they style their must-have looks with.

Timotej Letonja

Timi Letonja is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Número Netherlands. Originally from Slovenia, Timi has been involved in fashion since very young and remarks how sustainability is the real deal of importance in the world right now.

On style choices, Timi says ‘I think you must be comfortable with the clothes you’re wearing and not the other way around, like the clothes wearing you’. Still, one of the trends he is most excited about is the 00s vibe and low waist, as well a mixture of styles and materials:  ‘For example, a sequin dress that can be worn with socks and then heels, mixing denim with leather, bringing back the tank tops in a lot of styles’. His go-to sneakers for the season are the Converse CT All Terrain.

Timi wears Converse CT All Terrain.


Marie Guérin

Editor-in-Chief of Elle Belgique, Marie has a very unique and personal style when it comes to fashion that involves contrast, boldness and that little IT touch.

Having chosen the adidas ASTIR as her sneakers for the season, Marie has a very interesting and refreshing take on flamboyant touches: ‘I always wear a detail of extravagance in my look. This can be the orange feathers on a white shirt, but also contrasting colors like orange or the print. The idea is to have a contrast, but this could be a very small detail. To be myself, I need to be extravagant.’

Marie wears adidas ASTIR


Enlil Isik

Creative director of Title Magazine, producer and content creator, Enlil Isik is certain about his purpose of breaking boundaries in fashion. Very inspired by the hip-hop scene and music videos, his choice for the season to combine are the Puma Slipstream.

When asked about what trends are fire, Enlil focus on the 9-5 office look with a little twist. ‘I really like how the 9 to 5/going to the office look, because wearing a tie is a very classic thing to do but combining it with streetwear and being very creative with styling a tie or a shirt is really about your own’. Something he leans into, as this main take on fashion grows in individuality;  ‘If you want to do something, just do it, don’t think about what others think’.

Enlil wears Puma Slipstream


Mónica Zafra

Mónica Zafra is the Fashion Director at Metal Magazine, is mostly always wearing black -but with a little twist and color surprise- and has chosen the Nike Force One Shadow as her go-to sneakers for the season.

Where does she find inspiration from? ‘For inspiration I mostly go to art exhibitions. I’m more into art than fashion, because fashion repeats itself and I think it’s important to have other insights like art, architecture and cinema’. One of her favorite trends of the season are the hard shoulders and an oversized look, and she states her idea on shoes and bags: ‘The pieces I always go back to are shoes and bags. Not the special ones, but always the more classic ones because they never go out of fashion’.

Mónica wears Nike Force One Shadow

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