As an independent publishing house from the cross-disciplinary studio brand, Études Books aims to display the works of cutting-edge artists and photographers.

Among the new additions to its 2022 catalog, Études Books is pleased to unveil the book N°25 dedicated to the work of New York-based photographer Tim Barber. Showcasing the artist’s modes and moods like a personal diary, the book is a curation of both analog and digital photographs, creating an intertwined dialogue between past and present creations. Gathered under the title Ecstatic Nature —echoing the botanical origins of the cyanotype process— Tim Barber’s dynamic work expresses cityscape peregrinations and bucolic wanderings. A misty forest, a hound, a gaze, a loving embrace, a blazing car. Throughout these romantic and contemporary visions, the cyanotype blue distills its imprint, like a recurring nod to the cold hue so dear to the artist and Études.

The cyanotype process emphasizes how when an image is simplified, it can reveal itself, be more emotionally resonant, truer to form (…). Photographs are like rubbings of three-dimensional reality, translations of impressions.” —Tim Barber.