Fashion is more than just clothes; it’s a story, a journey, and sometimes, a reflection of the places and cultures that leave an indelible mark on designers’ hearts. Enter SHOOP‘s SS24 collection, a tale that unfolds against the backdrop of Tokyo, resonating with recognition and impressions that travel 10,000 kilometers from the vibrant streets of Japan to the bustling city of Madrid.

For SHOOP, a brand that has recently shifted its creative base from Madrid to Tokyo, this collection isn’t just about fashion; it’s a direct confrontation with identity. The runway at the Japan National Stadium served as the canvas for this bold narrative, where models embodied SHOOP’s current vision.

Design, for Yohei Ohki and Miriam Sanz, has always been a reflection of the landscapes, realities, and cultures they encounter. In Tokyo, they see a city adorned with shades of grey, black, white, and green. The elements they extract from the city and its people are characterized by simplicity, utility, and technology, resulting in clean, minimalist, and restrained fashion.

The unisex collection reveals “cavities” throughout its design, showcasing a transformation of SHOOP’s signature tailoring, technical fabrics, denim, and knits. This metamorphosis is driven by the theme of “Tokyo” and the desire to purify their creative process.

Footwear also gets a Tokyo-inspired makeover, featuring mules in leather and denim, marked by distinct cavities, and even a touch of football boot aesthetics.

Check out the collection presented during Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo below: