Sheep Inc. is giving a classic a makeover with their Cable Knit for FW23. Bold cables front and center, this revamped classic exudes confidence and craftsmanship, bridging tradition and the future.

But it’s not just any sweater. The Cable Knit is a testament to Sheep Inc.’s commitment to quality and eco-conscious choices. Each strand of wool in this piece tells the story of sustainability and mindful crafting.

Their campaign seamlessly weaves models into nature’s embrace – twisted trees and sprawling roots mirroring the cable design. It’s more than just looks; it’s a reminder of fashion’s deep connection to nature when approached with purpose and respect. Wearing the Cable Knit isn’t just about fashion; it’s a philosophy.

Cable knits have always spoken of warmth, comfort, and time-honored style. As we unveil our take on this classic, we’re also celebrating the profound connection between the natural world and our creations. In the twists of the knit and the turns of the trees, we see a reflection of our journey — honoring the past, while shaping a more sustainable future.” – Edzard and Michael, Co-Founders of Sheep Inc.

Check out the campaign images below: