In between Milan and Paris Fashion Week, we had the pleasure of escaping for a couple of days to the German capital, Berlin, to discover, with the help of the German Fashion Council, the proposals that the city’s designers had prepared, as the Berlin Fashion Week was held from 16th to 21st January.

Our objective was achieved, as we discovered some of the most interesting designers and brands. But if there was one brand that particularly caught our attention, it was SF1OG and its “ARTIFACT” collection.

Presented in the Berliner Rathaus, a breathtaking setting, and in front of a large number of guests, the brand founded in 2019 by designer Rosa Marga Dahl, unveiled its Fall/Winter 2023 line, in which it explored forgotten histories that we find in the form of artifacts every day.

Forgetting is a difficult thing, and even more so when there is pain, but it is a task that if you go through the process and look at it closely, you will overcome and evolve into a better version. This was confirmed in first person by those attending the fashion show, who sat in chairs in the mayor’s headquarters and watched the creations in an aliphatic way, and saw the change (for the better) that SF1OG had undergone, and best of all, only four years after being in the sector.

The pieces designed, and inspired by photos and postcards from domestic clearance sales in Berlin’s antique shops, were an attraction for the senses, but to be honest the focus was more on the awareness of the materials, the ability to be inspired by them, and to connect with the stories that each imperfection of each object and material tells. Some of them are considered treasures, and Dahl has a special predilection for the treasures that are increasingly ingrained in our society and that from time to time describe a kind of idealized form of consumption.

Continuing with the materials and their corresponding use, this action has been part of the brand’s identity from the beginning to the present day, so it was a matter, of course, to address the theme with an emotionally associated collection.

Sometimes emotions and alliances go hand in hand, and there is no better example of a union than that of SF1OG and SIDESTEP, who once again collaborate together and complement the looks of the collection with multiple Converse styles.

Check out the collection photographed by Alexánder Castro Luque for Fucking Young! below: