We caught up with designer Adam Jones at London Showrooms with Tranoi during Paris Fashion Week. His work focuses on timeless and non-seasonal pieces meant for you to mix up. People can shop the archive and mix them up from his latest and future collections. While Jones upcycles, re-works, and re-imagines, for his lookbook he “Re-styled Re-shot, Re-freshed”.

My brand aesthetic is continuous and develops with each collection which I aim to show you once a year. I want my customers to be able to trust me, you can rely on me to give you what you want and what I enjoy presenting which I think this shoot proves, each collection can intertwine seamlessly.

I think it’s important especially in the current climate we live in, both with the financial struggles facing people and the state of the environment and the impact fashion is having upon it, you don’t always have to buy new, and as long as I continue to find these vintage second hand materials to work with, such as bar towels, tea towels, blankets, etc, I will keep producing previous styles as much and as often as I can. I believe the demand for past styles is still there, so never fear if you missed out on something it will be sure to pop up again somewhere at some point, which also creates a demand and a limited edition quality to my work which I hope will make people appreciate the clothes more when they get hold of them.

I find it an exciting way to work, to not turn my back on previous designs that I believe in so much, it’s hard to let them go so I don’t, unlike other brands whose collections become old and go into sale due to the fast pace at which they present and produce clothes and discard last seasons ideas so quickly before we’ve even had time to digest them, and barely the time to wear them.

Artists show their greatest works over and over at different times, different places and we don’t tire of them, they don’t throw their artwork away after 6 months or a year, I would like people to appreciate clothes more as they would a piece of art, to treasure that piece they have bought from me.

I do like to think of my practice like an artist, not that I think fashion to be art, especially not what I do, but in the sense that each collection I design and produce is just adding to this big body of work, each collection is adding more product to one big collection.” – Adam Jones


Photography – Roshan Whittaker @r_wtk
Models – Randy @w_modelmgmt @jessednicholls (unsigned) .
Shot at the @migrationmuseumuk In the Taking Care Of Business Exhibition Curated by Aditi Anand. The show highlights the central role that migrant entrepreneurs have played in shaping our lives in Britain, especially on our high streets. Guest Curator of the Corner Shop set used here – Babita Sharma