In a two minute film, Scotch & Soda takes you to a world of wanderlust, on a journey of fragments of memories that make up the brand. Scotch & Soda – treasure hunters and storytellers. It will become a series of four films.

The short film has been developed to tell Scotch & Soda’s brand story. The film is not connected to a specific season or collection. It reflects Scotch & Soda; the mood, the DNA, what Scotch & Soda stands for, the stories to tell, the treasures to find whilst traveling the globe.

The story begins in a town in the north of Italy. Here we meet Domenico, a grumpy old man, who visits Bellizi’s Antica Barbiera every Wednesday. It is during one of Domenico’s ritualistic Wednesday visits to Bellizi’s that the barber, who owns a rather special collection of razors, misplaces his cherished Sheffield. In doing so, a chain of events is set off which leads to two disparate travellers, Zaria and Charlie, finding one another.​

The Story of Things unfolds with moments of spontaneity, the lust for exploring the world, and the beauty in seeing things differently. All of which captures the spirit of fashion brand Scotch & Soda.

The film will premiere in a network of international (art-house) cinemas in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and London today, May 22nd 2015.