This fall Kyiv Art & Fashion Days will take place for the first time – a festival of contemporary art, fashion, and cultural collaborations. The goal of the project is to establish Kyiv in the status of the Eastern European cultural capital, a hub where fashion, music, photography and performance interact with each other. Global support for the image of Ukraine as a point of intersection for talented people and the promotion of the work of local artists is combined here with the desire to give representatives of the creative sphere a space to exchange ideas and experiences.

Kyiv Art & Fashion Days is an integrative long-term project, aimed to become a meeting spot for artists, media representatives, designers, and cultural institutions not only from Ukraine but also on an international level,” – comments Sofia Tchkonia, ideologist of Kyiv Art & Fashion Days. – In my opinion, such creative collaborations have a real potential to form a new cultural language and broadcast the values ​​of Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe at the global level. For this, already in the first ‘edition’ of the project, we invited representatives of the leading international press, cultural and public figures to come to Kyiv and see everything with their own eyes.”

The first participants of the festival will be such brands as GUDU, ARTEMKLIMCHUK, Lake Studio, Situationist, photographers Davit Giorgadze, Julie Poly, art group Fungus, and other representatives of the art and fashion scene. The full list of participants, as well as the festival schedule consisting of performances, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions at different locations in Kyiv, will be announced shortly.