Sangue Novo, the emerging designer’s contest, took place at the 61st edition of Lisboa Fashion Week. Ten young talents, handpicked from a pool of over 70 submissions by a panel of experts, unveiled their collections on the event’s opening day. The lucky ones were Afonso Afonso, Ana Maricato, Bárbara Atanásio, Çal Pfungst, Diogo Mestre, Gabriel Bandeira, Isza, Izabel Monnerat, Maria Do Carmo Studio, and Maria Miguel Martins.

These designers didn’t just bring style to the runway; they brought an eco-conscious mindset. Collaborating with textile partners of ModaLisboa (Calvelex/Fabrics4Fashion, RDD Textiles, and Riopele), sustainability was the name of the game. Deadstock and upcycling were their go-to techniques, alongside natural prints, mono-materials, natural fibers, recyclable materials, and 3D prints. The theme? A journey into the extraordinary, from the simplicity of texture to the complexities of fantastical worlds, embracing transformation, transcending static identities, touching on gentrification, and finding beauty in the everyday.

Out of the ten, six stand out as the chosen ones. Bárbara Atanásio, Çal Pfungst, Diogo Mestre, Gabriel Bandeira, Isza, and Maria do Carmo Studio are set to develop new collections for the final showdown in March 2024. They’ll receive mentorship from the jury and the invaluable support of press and showroom services from Showpress.

Now, the stage is set for these emerging talents to compete for the ModaLisboa x IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, ModaLisboa x RDD Textiles, and ModaLisboa x Showpress awards in March 2024.

Photographer Luisa Bravo went behind the scenes exclusively for Fucking Young! to capture the essence of the menswear looks presented. Scroll down for a glimpse.