In the world where functionality meets artistic creation, Creative studio Jah Jah, led by Daquisiline Gomis and Coralie Jouhier, joins forces with Salomon to craft a pair of shoes that transcends mere footwear. This collaboration ventures into the rich history of West African myths and traditions, breathing life into age-old stories.

At the heart of this creative alliance lies the reimagining of the mythical “Kankourang” tale, a figure both feared and revered, recounting the odyssey of a child on an inner journey.

The Kankourang, deeply rooted in West African culture and spirituality, finds its stronghold primarily in Casamance, Senegal, with tendrils extending into parts of Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. It embodies a mystical force, assuming multifaceted roles in the rituals of the communities that venerate it. As the guardian of ancestral customs and traditions, it stands as a sentinel of social order and the guardian of community unity. Its invocation can be a shield against curses and potential threats.

The campaign unfolds through a series of beautiful photographs and a film, set against the backdrop of Yoff, a coastal commune in Dakar. The unique ambiance of this district in the capital serves as the canvas for the reimagined world of Kankourang.

Creative director Daquisiline Gomis and director/photographer Otman Qrita had a grander vision in mind for this campaign. Beyond promoting a pair of shoes, it becomes a profound expression of commitment and engagement. Through film and photography, it celebrates the enduring influence of West Africa’s cultural heritage in the contemporary artistic landscape.

Check out the campaign images below: