Salaman Paris unveiled its latest collection, “Tamir de Salaman,” for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2025 season. This new line is a creative blend of the brand’s Arab roots with a modern Parisian twist, offering a fresh take on fashion that’s both elegant and meaningful.

The collection’s name, “Tamir de Salaman,” translates to “The Splendor of Salaman,” and it’s a nod to the brand’s heritage. Mohamad Badri, the Creative Director, shares that the collection grew naturally from a simple concept to a strong, cohesive range. He found inspiration in the classic Egyptian film “Asr El Quwwah,” known for its beautiful scenery and luxurious production. The film’s influence is clear in the collection’s polished look and enduring appeal.

The menswear is sharp and dignified. Each piece is a blend of luxury and style, inviting wearers to connect with the rich cultural history behind it.

Check out the collection below: