Sacai has teamed up with Carhartt WIP for a capsule collection that blends the best of both worlds.

The collection, which consists of 18 pieces, showcases Sacai’s signature hybridization technique, where different garments are spliced together to create new and unexpected forms. For example, the Reversible Duck Coat is a fusion of two classic Carhartt WIP outerwear pieces: the Chore Coat and the Siberian Parka. The Suiting Bonding Dress, on the other hand, is a reinterpretation of the Bib Overall, mixing the utilitarian features of the denim jumpsuit with the elegance of a pleated skirt.

The campaign, shot by Stas Komarovski, features a diverse and dynamic cast of musicians and models, who embody the spirit and attitude of the collection. The Detroit ghettotech trio HiTech, composed of DJ Godfather, DJ Nasty, and DJ Zebo, bring their energetic and futuristic sound to the mix, while Soo Joo Park, the Korean-American model and singer, adds a touch of ethereal and dreamy pop.

Check out the campaign images below:

The Sacai x Carhartt WIP collection will be available on February 22 in selected stores around the world, as well as online on the Sacai and Carhartt WIP websites.