Raul Lopez, founder and creative director of LUAR, as he has demonstrated, is not afraid of the famous Tuesday 13th. Many of his colleagues would have done the impossible to hold their respective fashion shows at another time and not have to deal with the bad luck that this day supposedly brings, but as is often said, it’s not about being lucky or not, but about having your work well tied up and trusting that everything will turn out well, paying the slightest attention to all the legends. Be that as it may, the Dominican-American designer took a risk and decided to go ahead with everything, getting as a reward for that attitude of courage that Beyoncé herself sat next to her mother in the front row and watched with attention the garments and accessories that made up his proposal for the Fall/Winter 2024 called “Deceptionista”.

The former CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year 2022 is responsible for bringing American fashion back into the spotlight and making New York Fashion Week exciting again. Fortunately, there are still designers who prefer to be true to their style and instinct and not follow the trends dictated by the big fashion houses.

Perhaps the latter is one of the reasons why Lopez is where he is, because of the freshness and avant-garde that his designs have, others do not. This season, unlike the previous one, the proportions are more relaxed, especially in men’s fashion, and the garments are more wearable. Leather takes over most of them, whether they are coats, trousers, or skirts. Skirts, a garment that the designer is very fond of, especially when worn by men, are combined with knitted jumpers with shoulder pads, a detail that gives strength to the look and balance, otherwise, it would all be very flat. All the upper pieces are well put together and are accentuated at the waist/hip to communicate simultaneously with the trousers.

On the bottom clothing side, the jeans feature a print of New York’s iconic flatiron building and the city skyline, as well as grey tailored trousers with diagonally placed buttons and pleats. These are intended to be paired with wildly printed trench coats in shades of grey and black. The offer is rounded off with a men’s little black dress (the first from LUAR) and a fur coat for chilly city nights. There will be those who don’t dare to wear it because of the length – for them, there is the option of over-the-knee warmers. Of course, most of the looks are completed with the brand’s iconic bag in different colours and sizes, the Anna Bag.

LUAR men are bold, powerful, wild, sexy, and above all fashion-loving. Check out the Fall/Winter 2024 collection below: