The Ukrainian headwear and accessory designer, Ruslan Baginskiy, is often associated with an ‘endless summer’ vibe due to extensive summer collections and straw work. Igniting memories of summer is the release of his first candle Grain de Sel, a scented candle that smells like summer with a hint of seaside salt, housed in an artisanal hand-blown glass shape. The new category for the brand aims to widen the Ruslan Baginskiy universe, making it possible to take a bit of summer – home.

I wanted the candle to smell like a place by the sea. It’s that place you go to in your head when you picture vacation. When you just step out of the car, airplane or train and with your first breath in – you can smell the sea. You know that you’ve arrived. It’s a moment of freedom. The idea was the same in making the candle – as soon as you open the box you smell the sea and summer without even lighting it. You’re there.” shares Baginskiy.

Grain de Sel scent opens with notes of softly sweet warm fruit that has been sitting in the sun and follows with undertones of wood and salt. All in all a tangy combination that smells like summer inspired by a perfect retreat where nature is tranquil and the air is pleasantly heavy.

Ukrainian artisans collaborated and crafted the tactile hand-blown glass shape with a matte salt-like finish in seven colors of sea and ocean waters as well as one yellow, representing the Sun. Working together underscores the brand’s commitment to preserving traditional techniques in a contemporary context.

Just like hats, fragrances are something closely associated with one individual, something very personal that belongs to us. Creating a candle just made sense. Like with everything we make it was important for me to bridge craftwork with a contemporary sensibility”.

For Baginskiy, the creation of the Grain De Sel candle is more than just a product; it’s a dream step, a manifestation of a deep-seated passion for design and storytelling.

This is really a dream project. The development took about a year, finding the perfect scent, with a uniting theme of summer salt and heat. Finding the perfect workshop to collaborate with, then working out the perfect technique, color, shape. We’ve had some great feedback when first presenting the candle during Paris fashion week, I’m so excited for these candles to become part of people’s homes”.

Grain De Sel by Ruslan Baginskiy is made of 100% natural soy wax and is now available on the Ruslan Baginskiy website and three Ruslan Baginskiy physical shops in Ukraine.