Prepare to embark on a journey into the avant-garde world of Mats Rombaut, the visionary behind the eponymous label ROMBAUT. Known for his trailblazing approach to vegan accessories, Rombaut continues to push boundaries and captivate with his futuristic and forward-thinking creations. Now, ROMBAUT unveils its latest campaign, aptly titled “ARKANA,” seamlessly blending cutting-edge footwear with iconography that invokes both ancient rituals and modern cults.

According to the brand, “ARKANA” serves as a captivating blend of ROMBAUT’s heritage and a tantalizing glimpse into its future. As a new chapter unfolds, this campaign sets the stage for the groundbreaking endeavors that lie ahead.

Immerse yourself in the captivating visuals of the “ARKANA” campaign below and witness the convergence of futuristic vegan accessories and avant-garde flair:

Creative & art direction: Rombaut Studio
Photography: @souvvennir
Movement direction: @izzac.thomas
Styling: @lotipascucci