LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza is ready to make a splash this summer with a brand-new fragrance, Cosmic EDP, and a fresh campaign starring K-pop icon TAEYONG.

LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic EDP is a unique mix of fruity, woody, and amber scents. It’s the first Eau de Parfum in Paula’s Ibiza collection and it’s all about fun and exploration. Imagine the vastness of space and the wildness of a psychedelic adventure captured in a bottle—that’s Cosmic EDP.

The scent combines pear and mango with cypress resin, coconut sweetness, cedar depth, sandalwood delicacy, and amber’s earthiness. At its core is the LOEWE Accord, a special blend by perfumer Nuria Cruelles that adds a touch of Spanish rockrose for an extra layer of complexity.

TAEYONG, the face of the campaign, embodies the laid-back, creative vibe of Ibiza. The campaign, shot by Gray Sorrenti and creatively directed by Jonathan Anderson, features minimalist sets and colorful backdrops that highlight the fun and artistic spirit of LOEWE.

You can find LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza Cosmic EDP in select stores and on perfumesloewe.com.