Rhude unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 collection during the Digital Paris Menswear Fashion Week.

The collection tells the story of achieving your dreams and understanding the trials of an unknown path but pursuing regardless. As my first collection as an official American citizen, the idea of the American dream was a reoccurring theme shown throughout the collection. Diving into classic silhouettes and pulling influence from American figures such as Carey Grant(sp)and Paul Newman but seen through a new lens.

The ultimate goal was to design a concise and efficient collection that was mindful of the current state of the world. Focusing on pieces that are familiar to the everyday closet but reimagined in new and modern fabrications. What is the modern man wearing? What is the new classic suit? I wanted to understand what was essential and focusing on the importance and function of the pieces we are creating without the constraints of seasonal titles. Then allowing viewers the audacity to dream of a better situation almost as if creating a mirage.