After the massive sensation caused by ‘Mina Ancora, ancora, ancora – Mark Ronson remix‘ and its viral triumph both in the digital and offline world, the song makes its grand entrance onto all digital platforms and the airwaves. But that’s not all; it’s arriving with a special twist – a reissue of the iconic album cover in Gucci’s new Rosso Ancora hue.

This groove is all thanks to the Gucci Ancora collection fashion show that strutted its stuff last September. Creative director of the House, Sabato De Sarno, joined forces with Mark Ronson to whip up an original remix of the legendary tune ‘Ancora, ancora, ancora’ by the renowned Italian artist Mina. Penned by Cristiano Malgioglio, this track hit the big time when it dropped back in 1978.

Until Sabato told me he wanted the iconic ‘Ancora, ancora, ancora’ to be the centerpiece for his Gucci directorial debut, I hadn’t even heard it. What a track. I fell in love with her voice, the passion and desire it exudes, the exquisite orchestral arrangement… It’s been a pleasure working on it.” – said Mark Ronson

But there’s more to this audio journey. The fashion show’s soundtrack also features ‘Late Night Feelings’ by Lykke Li and ‘Loveher’ by Romy.

You can listen to ‘Mina Ancora, ancora, ancora – Mark Ronson remix‘  at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and TikTok.