Inspired by the Russian youth groups who’s progressive views were formed by the underground movement. RED SEPTEMBER presents its Fall/Winter 2021 collection with an interpretation of city metropol fashion.  The cool city kids, underground rock bands and ‘perestroika’ style that paved the strength and union of this new wave underground. This is evident in statement pieces like a militia parka-inspired bomber with the ‘unbreakable union’ confirmed by the iconic image of 2 males’ intimate embrace.

Shoot for: @redseptemberofficial
Location: @apollo_studios
Models: Maxim @maks_kaschtalinski, Victoria @vivi_vik, Dima
Photographer: Yan Yugay @yugayyan    Assistant of  Photographer: Slava Kritz @slava.kritz
Style: Svetlana Tanakina @svetlana_tanakina    Style assistant: Dzhannet Osmanova
Makeup and Hair: Julia Rada @julia.rada
Set: Alexandra Budarina @budarina.alexandra and  Alexey Leontyev @leshaest
Production: Alexey Iordanov @jordanidze NOB AGENCY @nobagency