British designer William Palmer unveiled his first collection titled “Sweet Tender Hooligans”, inspired by the ’90s raves, football and chav culture. The designer maintains nostalgic details and adds a contemporary twist to classic garments.

I grew up in Weston-Super-Mare- a typical British seaside town. Once a tourist hotspot for rich Victorian holidaymakers, by the year 2000 like many seaside towns in the UK, it had decayed into a cultural wasteland. In my teens, when the whole ‘Chav’ thing started to kick off, I realized I was surrounded by overly masculine characters. Everything was a competition. However, I have always been inspired by my British heritage and this comes through clearly in my work. My primary goal is to challenge traditional ideas around masculinity within my culture, by reworking classic and recognizable pieces. Often, it’s only when we see another person who actually looks good in something, that we are inspired to wear it ourselves. therefore it is not my goal to shock guys completely, I want to subtly challenge them, but more importantly inspire them, in the hope to gradually change the stereotypical ideas of what is considered masculine.”  – William Palmer


Alex Raduan – Photography
Vincent Demoro – Hair & Make up
Kobe Bellanger – Model
Evan Theophile – Model
Kevin Matthews – Stylist Assistant
Models Lane – Casting
Marvin Latournald – Good Vibes
Ragnar – The Dog