“I’m not going to be a rebel and offend anybody, but I’m not going to live in somebody else’s image.”  – Iris Apfel, businesswoman & fashion icon

We won’t rest on the meaning that the word rebel has assumed over the centuries. Today rebel is the one that does not lower his head in front of the injustice, he is the different, proud of being so. Rebel is the one that rejects the summary homologation processes: he is a dissident.
The dissident rebel Jacopo Fiorentino is a young Italian designer based in Paris.
FSTD is the brand that he founds with his friend Alessandro D’Amico. FSTD is an innovative tribute to the street-culture, the one authentic and free from the fashion superstructure. FSTD is an underground stimulus to our deepest self, the one that makes us unique in the world.
We met him some weeks ago and that’s what he told us.

Hello Jacopo! When and how did your interest in fashion start?

Hey Fucking Young! I’ve always been interested in fashion, but let’s say I’ve been more in contact with the fashion world since when I was living in Brussels in 2016: traveling a lot to Paris, Anvers, Amsterdam, and London allowed me to know young designers and the avant-garde.

What is FSTD? Why this name? 

Sure! FSTD is a label designed in Paris and entirely made in Italy, fusing innovation and urban creativity. Born in the streets of Rome, it gets inspired by the real street style and the urban tribes of the worldwide capitals.
The name comes from the fact that the street style was born after the street culture, so why would it be for a chosen few and at crazy prices?
Indeed, FSTD stands for ‘Fastidio’, which means that I am annoyed with the current fashion system status, both for its unjustified prices and more importantly because it is losing its connection with the reality: the street and its urban tribes.

FSTD is a label designed in Paris and entirely made in Italy, fusing innovation and urban creativity. Tell us something more about your creative process.

I let my creative juice to flow when I am lost in the streets of Paris, getting my inspiration from real people and extravagant situations.
As a designer, I am constantly seeking inspiration for my next project. My current desk crush is a creative mess of objects and materials from every place you can think of! I also get recommendations and guidance from my business partner, Alessandro D’Amico, who lives in London and share with me the latest trends and cutting edge marketing news from the City. If you go around Shoreditch or Camden Town, on the weekend, it is not rare to see people wearing our t-shirts while in the most alternative clubs.

Your items are made in Italy: urban, cool and at the same time provocative. Who is your top customer? 

Our customers are people who find in FSTD a mirror of their personalities. People with strong personalities who want to transmit their unique identity and rebellious soul via their outfit, without taking their life too seriously. We are an ironic brand!

Today, what is the winning compromise between fashion, business, and fun?

There is no compromise: ALL IN ONE! FSTD is a fashion brand that does business in a funny way.

And what is the future of fashion? 

In the contamination of tradition and innovation.

The new collection and its key piece.

The new collection is called SEX&MAGIC and takes inspiration from the kinky sex world. We do believe that collaborations are strongly important and for that reason, we have decided to realize 3 pieces in collaboration with different young artists from all over Europe.
The chemise manifesto, a real BDSM statement has been created in collaboration with Jury Schiavi, a polyhedral artist who lives in Milan.
The Fastidio double hoodie, a hybrid hoodie that can be worn as the costumers prefer, has been conceived in collaboration with the young designer Matteo Coccia.
And last but not least our Shibari hoodie has been made in collaboration with two young artists: Marco Siciliano who lives in Berlin and Andrea Cancellieri, living in Milan. We didn’t just collaborate on the design of the hoodie, but we have done a special tutorial video that will be available just for the people that buy the hoodie.

As always, our last question… According to you, what is really FUCKING YOUNG!?

Let the people wear whatever the fuck they want.

Creative Direction: BRANDO PRIZZON