Today is the day! #REALTALK first album by the man of the year Candy Ken is about to be released. But what should we expect form it? Not another standard rap album for sure. Judging by the tracklist, there is some crazy stuff going on. For sure it will be a work full of irony, with tons of provocation, bur also some deep thoughts and a pinch of self-mockery. All in a pink and glitter mix.
Candy Ken is one of the most interesting faces of the Web 2.0 culture. He is a rapper, a photographer, a videomaker and a model. Fashion world fell in love with him and so did the internet. He has already tens of thousands followers on his social media and can boast collaborations with some of the most renowned names in the fashion business, such as Nicola Formichetti, Jeremy Scott and Terry Richardson. The guy is also doing great with music. From the time of Riff Riff is ma daddy he never stopped achieving new goals.

So we are all full of expectation for this new work. Can this album be the beginning of a new rap era? We will keep our eyes open.


We also had the pleasure to have a short but intense #realtalk with him about his new album:


FY! – Which was the song that made you love music for the first time?

Candy Ken – Candy Shop by 50 Cent.


FY! – Why did you chose music as main way to express your self?

CK – Every superhero needs his theme music


FY! – You have travelled a lot, do foreign influences have changed your way to make music and how?

CK – Of course! On my new album I rap in Japanese, Spanish and French 🙂



FY! – Rap music is often full of misogynistic and homophobic clichés. Do you think your music can help people leaving behind the classic rap stereotypes?

CK – Definitely! My music is the key.


FY! – 5 words to describe your upcoming album:



FY! – #REAL TALK is a quite strong title for a rap album, why did you chose it?

CK – This album comes from my heart – it’s about society, gender roles, nudes, stereotypes and gives a really good view on how daddy feels and thinks! It’s so honest and real – I had to call it “REAL TALK”


FY! – Why did you chose London for the release party?

CK – London got the craziest club kid scene and supports me lots! They organize everything and step things up to the next level.


FY! – If you could synthesise the entire message of the album in one single sentence what would it be?



FY! -What kind of reaction do you expect from the people listening your first album?

CK – The album is very different to my old stuff and way more me – a lot of people will be surprised…


FY! – If you could give an advice to the next generation of artist and musicians what could it be?

CK – Don’t take urself to serious!

Listen at SPOTIFY