Following his Black is Beautiful exhibition and collaboration with skater brand RASSVET, photographer Slava Mogutin continues his POLAROID RAGE series, which he started back in 2018, with a new body of work. Shot over the past two years, from the early days of the COVID pandemic, between NY, LA, Berlin, and Geneva, with New Mexico, Fire Island, East Hampton, and Jeffersonville in between; Mogutin brings a diverse group of personalities together creating a sense of community and spirit of creative collaboration and interconnection.

Among the people featured in POLAROID RAGE 2.0 are such cult icons as Lydia Lunch, Colette Lumiere, Christeene, Cassils, Ron Athey and Durk Dehner of Tom of Finland Foundation, as well as fellow artists Brian Kenny, Brooke Candy, Kyle England, Nick Theobald, Hermes Pittakos, Jesse Thompson, Nile Harris, Jonah Almost, Louis Bubko and German Lavrovskii.

Slava is generous in his vision. His pictures, taken together, provide a quilt or mosaic, most often made of grids of four of the same subject to create a world which he uniquely inhabits. Slava acknowledges the artists he admires from whom he has drawn inspiration. Echoes of Andy Warhol, Peter Hujar, David Hockney, and David Wojnarowicz can be found within the body of work.

One finds both innocence and a sense of bravado in these portraits—a dare to the viewer to suspend judgment about what one sees and thinks about the subject. And when we suspend judgment, we see people representing more diverse and broad humanity than we see in our casual ordinary experience.” Wrote Tom Bianchi on Slava.

Some of the portraits were shot in the summer of 2021 for RASSVET Zine in conjunction with the launch of his capsule collection and that was on display at 3537, a new art space in the heart of Paris, during Paris Fashion Week last October.

See the full series HERE!