Urban style has hit the UK in a fairly big way, and riding the wave of all-things large (and functional) is German label pinqponq. Less out-for-a-walk and more utility-led, functional aesthetics are the reinventions of the brand’s core sensibility. Good design is just as important to the brand as great functionality, reminiscing both values in the latest drop – The Coated Edition. The material utilized enforces the lining and adds roughness, whilst maxi fastenings highlight functionalism. The fabrics process for this edition are dyed with a pigment coating, a process that saves more water and energy compared to traditional methods. Subsequently, the material is covered with a protective wax layer making it water-repellent. Bags are shapes into timeless capsule pieces, emblazoned by aluminum buckles and waterproof zippers. The Coated Edition features a brand-new form called the Carrik. The backpack has a classic rolltop element that allows it to be expanded to 22 liters. In addition to the Carrik, the Blok and the Tetrik will also be released in the enhanced designed with the much required, added pockets. Earthy tones flourish, such as Coated Khaki and Coated Anthracite, easily to be teamed with any outfits.

The brand remains ethical in production practices: products derived from 100% recycled PET bottles, pigment-dyed fabric and innovative resources.

Now available in selected retailers and www.pinqponq.com