A-COLD-WALL* is stepping into a new chapter with their SS 2025 collection, “Pink Noise,” drawing from the underground vibe of Britain’s pirate radio scene. The collection is all about the fleeting yet bold spirit of these broadcasts, mixing in practicality with a touch of daring.

The clothes themselves are a mix of bold and traditional. You’ll find some pieces that play with size and shape in unexpected ways, while others stick to classic lines, keeping up with ACW*’s practical style. Look for angular cuts that remind you of radio antennas, a splash of citronelle yellow, and some well-worn baseball caps that look like they’ve seen better days.

The collection’s getting a special intro at Maiocchi 10 in Milan, where artist Ken-Tonio Yamamoto is setting up an installation that’s all about the collection’s vibe. It’s a space where you can really feel the connection between fashion, sound, and city life, with music by Rainy Miller to set the mood.

There’s also an exciting collab with Spiber, where A-COLD-WALL* is using this new material called Brewed Protein™. It’s a cutting-edge fabric made through fermentation, and it’s popping up in a few pieces like outerwear and a hooded dress.

Check out the collection below: