Pairs Project is an upcoming annual magazine com culture almanac. With a strict photography code taking inspiration from the filmmaking in adherence with Dogme ’95 taking out the saturated fats in fashion. It offers a new take on what’s happening now rather than looking to the future and waiting for trends to be confirmed while denouncing consumption and the fast pace that the industry is riding.

The project is full of no’s from no make-up, no models, no hair, no digital, no post production, no advertising, to no credits. Each photographer was only given one roll of 35mm film to shoot their whole story. On closer inspection, we are introduced to emerging young brands listed only as “participants’ such as Alex Mullins, Aloe, Apple Core, Duran Lantink, Ferrari Concept, Icosae, Neith Nyer, along with NACO PARIS the long reigning punk of France’s underground fashion and skateboard label WERUSH.

Pairs Project Issue 101 is out this September.