Stéphane Ashpool unveiled the complete imagery for the French Olympic and Paralympic teams’ attire for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. The collection is a homage to the French athletes and the city of Paris, which nurtured Ashpool’s growth and creativity.

Ashpool’s work celebrates the diversity and unity inherent in France’s sports, cultures, and generations. Crafted by Le Coq Sportif, the collection aims to mirror France’s spirit at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The outfits feature a blend of materials and colors, symbolizing a new flag born from the traditional blue, white, and red. This fusion results in a fresh and vibrant color palette, adding a modern twist to the athletes’ attire. The gradience of these colors adorns the French athletes’ uniforms across various occasions:

Village Outfits: Athletes will don ecru outfits adorned with gradient patterns that symbolize the journey to triumph. These eco-friendly fleece garments are the product of two years of sustainable development, minimizing environmental impact.

Podium Outfit: The podium attire shines in brilliant ecru, representing purity and grace, designed to accentuate the medalists’ achievements with a subtle, elegant luster.

Training Outfits: Reflecting the vigor of preparation, the training outfits incorporate dynamic patterns that emulate the athletes’ physical exertion. These synthetic garments are tailored for maximum breathability and flexibility, perfect for the rigors of training.

Competition Outfits: During the over 60 Olympic and Paralympic events, ranging from breakdancing to judo and para-weightlifting, athletes will wear competition outfits that are a testament to two years of collaborative development with sports federations. These uniforms proudly bear the national colors and Ashpool’s signature gradience on the shoulders.

Check out the collection below:

The entire collection is available at the official Paris 2024 and Le Coq Sportif stores, inviting everyone to partake in the Olympic spirit.