Where there’s room for two there’s room for three. Yes, Palace and Evisu didn’t want to miss the opportunity to design one more capsule collection together, which for those who weren’t aware is the third and, unfortunately, the last. That’s right, it looks like one cycle is coming to an end…but surely another one will open soon.

As we said, the British streetwear brand and the Japanese denim brand have once again merged their ideas and given free rein to their imagination to create a selection of interesting pieces, including jackets, sweatshirts, cherry blossom embroidered knitwear, and, of course, five-pocket jeans, also available in camouflage.

Of all these, as is often the case, there are some that stand out, such as the cowboy knit cardigan in 100% lambswool from the archive of Japanese denim specialists, a denim jacket type one, and a hooded sweatshirt with twill appliqués. And no, we haven’t forgotten about the accessories – there are cool hats too.

Finally, to round off the three capsule collections, Palace has produced the final part of the Palace Evisu film trilogy, a short but epic film that follows several professional skateboarders and some British club culture legends and influencers. It also serves as a tribute to Evisu’s pivotal role in the London scene in the 1990s.

Take a look at the third and final capsule collection from Palace and Evisu below:

PALACE X EVISU is now available to buy in any of its physical shops and online. So what are you waiting for to get your hands on some of its third and final instalment? It’s now or never!