OUEST Paris is back for SS25, taking their denim to new heights – or should we say waves? This season is all about escaping to the California coast, inspired by films and photos that scream sunshine and good times.

Arthur Robert envisions a unique subculture – sexy surfing cowboys. Imagine sun-faded denim in pastel washes, sharp jackets paired with baggy pants, and chic surfing shorts crafted from suiting wool. Western coats get a rumpled, overdyed makeover, channeling the salty air of the ocean.

The Western theme gets a playful twist. Biker vests and chaps are reimagined in repurposed vintage wetsuits, a tongue-in-cheek nod to the “surfing cowboy artisan.” Denim pieces are hand-embellished with tribal motifs, adding a touch of DIY charm.

Check out the collection below: