FASHIONCLASH presents: the 3rd edition of the Fashion Makes Sense Award (FMSA), a supportive award for a new generation of fashion designers with innovative and disruptive ideas that can contribute to the development of a more sustainable fashion industry.

FASHIONCLASH is looking for 10 fashion designers/labels who design sustainable fashion or would like to.

During the FMSA, two awards will be handed out: an audience prize of 1.000€, and the jury prize of 2.500€!

The aim of this project is to offer a new generation of designers, with innovative ideas, a stage and to encourage designers to think about their responsibility in contributing to a better world. In addition, the project aims to create awareness about sustainable fashion among a broad audience.

The previous winners were in 2018, Paolo Carzana, Sandermann, and Gal Yakobovitch and 2017’s winners were MUKASHI MUKASHI and Strikks.

Deadline 1 May 2019!