Ola Kawałko was born in 1990. A year ago she moved to Warsaw, where she began to study at International School of Costume and Fashion Design. This was the beginning of her professional career as a fashion designer. Ola was able to train her skills under the guidance of Natalia Jaroszewska and Gosia Baczynska during monthly practices. While creating new designs the most important for Ola Kawałko are clean forms, details, innovation. Currently she is fascinated with unisex fashion, trying to create garments that are innovative, however still fully functional, so that they remain a part of “fashion street”. Ola do not want to close herself in just one form – “most of my designs can be worn in many ways, forming different shapes. I am attracted to industrial, urban, powerful and rough climates. My another passion is the accordion. I’m an esthete and I like to look at beautiful things.”

models: Nadia/rebel, Marcin/model+
make-up: kasia demale